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Privacy Policy

This Application was created to assist producers and performers involved in erotic-themed material with compiling and transmitting certain performer records necessary for compliance under Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 2257 & 2257A, and should only be used for such purpose.   

In order to permit you (the “user”) to use of the services provided by this Application, we (i.e., the “developer”) must collect certain personally identifying registration data which is voluntarily provided by you during the registration process (“Registration Information”).  Registration Information includes your full, legal name, your company name (if applicable), and a valid email address. We also collect information relating to your consent to our EULA, and consent to receive future legal updates and communications from the developer. 

We do not collect or maintain the 2257 information or data you input into the Application, such as the performer’s date of birth, stage name(s), aliases, date of original production, title of the work, copies of picture identification documents, or signatures (“Section 2257 information”).  All such 2257 information is generated and controlled exclusively by you.  Some 2257 information may be saved on your personal mobile device, but is not collected or automatically shared with us.  You are in control of where you send any Section 2257 information generated by the Application. 

You have the right to discontinue your use of the Services at any time during such use.  You are also free to delete this Application at any time.